iB Series
● iB Series is a collection of innovative new products based on a design concept that combines existing versatility and high level functionality.
Air cylinders and hands
● Energy of compressed air becomes linear movement, oscillatory movement, or other actual force.
Air valves
● Provides control of air systems, such as pneumatic control equipment and drive equipment.
Filter regulators
● Filters that protect against pneumatic equipment trouble, keep air clean, and control power by regulating pressure.
Speed controller, fittings, tubes, etc.
● A lineup of drive equipment as well as a range of products that provide detailed support and greatly simplify the use of pneumatic equipment.
Vacuum equipment, pads
● Micro ejector that easily obtains a vacuum from using compressed air, and pads that are essential for a suction transport. A selection of vacuum valves to control vacuum lines.
Clean system equipment
● Clean system equipment that meets the needs presented by advanced clean product environments. Every conceivable countermeasure to prevent particle contamination within a clean room.
Shock absorber
● Shock and noise absorption by the drive equipment provides shorter cycle times and protects against damage to the equipment.
Electric actuator
● Stringent cost performance provides an electric actuator at a low price.
Static electricity removal
● Compact, voltage transformer allows use of a low-voltage DC power supply. Lineup includes lower types, as well as fan types, bar types, and more.
Fluororesin products
● Koganei fluororesin products for semiconductor lines requiring high purity, highly accurate control, and a wide range of other environments.
Fixed discharge pump
● Koganei pumps are being used in a wide range of production applications, including those for semiconductors, FPD, batteries, pharmaceuticals, etc. Simple, original construction grease dispenser for outstanding uniform volume now available.
Medium control equipment
● Developed under the basic concepts of high-accuracy, high-efficiency, and simplicity. Provides precision control of air, gas, liquids, and any other fluid.
Environmental hygiene equipment
● Hypochlorous acid generators for outstanding anti-bacterial effectiveness in hygienic environments, and clean room environment monitors.
Water processing device
● Environment friendly water treatment devices that do not use chemicals. New type of cleaning tower and chiller for improved circulation water quality.
Chemical solution, for medical analysis
● Liquid chemical analysis equipment that is great for test instruments perform to highly accurate control of special fluids used on pharmaceutical and semiconductor production lines.


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