Miraial has developed products mainly for the semiconductor industry based on the precision molding and processing technology for high-function plastics it has developed over many years. The Company will continue to create products of new value that earn the trust of customers.
Wafer Handling
Wafer Shipping

300mm Wafer Shipping Boxes
200mm Wafer Shipping Boxes
150mm Wafer Shipping Boxes
Single Wafer Cases

Wafer Processing

300mm Wafer Processing (FOUP)
300mm Wafer Processing

200mm Wafer Processing
150mm Wafer Processing

125mm Wafer Processing

100mm Wafer Processing

75mm and Smaller Wafer Processing

Square Wafer Handling
Wafer Cassette Accessories

Fluid System

Weld Fittings KS Type
Weld Fittings SB Type
K-LOCK® Tube Fittinings

Electrical Components

Fluoro Terminals