To develop a safer, healthier, greener, and smarter world, our goal is to make every endpoint intelligent by offering product solutions in the automotive, industrial, infrastructure and IoT markets.

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Automotive – Highly reliable vehicle control, safe and secure autonomous driving and Eco-friendly electric vehicles
In the automotive business, Renesas provides innovative and integrated end-to-end solutions, especially at the endpoints in vehicle installations, through our innovative performance relative to power consumption, globally trusted automotive quality, and FuSa/Security competence, with an open development environment for our partners/customers.

No.1 automotive MCU supplier
Most advanced geometry combined with MONOS technology
Functional safety and security
Industrial – Lean, flexible and smart industry
In the industrial business, Renesas delivers easy-to-implement real-time application solutions. Autonomous production is enabled through Renesas-powered safe and secure sensors, drives, networks and controls; end-point observation and control are enhanced with embedded AI technologies.

Leading MCU and SoC supplier
Rich and extensive technology offering such as multi-protocol connectivity, time sensitive networking (TSN) and real-time processing
Strong relationship with leading customers of the world
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Infrastructure – Robust infrastructure, enabling safety and efficiency
In the infrastructure business, Renesas aims for a society in which all buildings and machines are connected; this intelligent environment creates a sustainable baseplate allowing the advancement of society.

No.1 memory interface supplier
Tight engagement with hyperscalers and memory suppliers
Technology leader in RF for 5G and massive MIMO
IoT – Comfortable, safe and healthy lifestyles through IoT
In the IoT business, Renesas, with our customers, enables homes in which items of everyday use are made intelligent and, thus, are able to learn and adapt to the changes that take place in and around us. We are working to create an active two-way relationship between people and their homes.

Leading provider of both proprietary and Arm MCUs
Wide variety of technology offering such as SOTB, e-AI, security etc.
Strategic collaboration with distributors
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Winning Combinations
Broad Product Portfolio
Fueled by the Intersil and IDT integrations, we have expanded our analog solution lineup. Renesas is now poised to extend its share in fast-growing data economy-related markets such as infrastructure and data center, with strengthening kit solution offering that combine world-leading MCUs, SoCs and analog products.

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Renesas autonomy™ Platform for Automotive
R-IN Platform for Industrial
RZ/G Platform for HMI
Renesas Synergy™ Platform for IoT
Winning Combinations
image: Winning Combinations

Based on the complementary product portfolios, our product experts have developed “Winning Combination” solutions, compelling competitive, value-added product combinations that help our customers and partners worldwide accelerate their designs and get to market faster where high data-processing performance is crucial.


Robust Ecosystem
Robust Ecosystem

Thousands of alliance partners - a network of trained and certified design service partners - support every stage in your customer design cycle, working together to achieve your goals. The Renesas Alliance Partner Program offers opportunities to create new business.

We also have consortiums for specific fields such as automotive and industrial to strengthen collaboration among companies.

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