Dynamic force measurement technology: overcoming new challenges in semiconductor manufacturing
Advances in semiconductor manufacturing are triggering an exponential increase in device complexity. Today's manufacturers must rely on efficient process monitoring – but conventional measuring methods alone can no longer guarantee the required quality standards. This is why force measurement is emerging as a critical factor in both front-end and back-end production processes.

Piezoelectric measurement technology from Kistler ensures high-resolution monitoring and control of the forces applied during semiconductor manufacturing processes – no matter how small. Conventional metrology may be unable to access force, as a physical quantity that can cause device failure – but piezo-based force measurement "makes the invisible visible".

Process visibility based on dynamic force measurement technology delivers impressive benefits for the semiconductor manufacturing industry:

Early detection of mechanical stress deviationsDown force precision with full loop control Product traceability and process optimizationEnhanced machine performanceReduced quality costs  
Process monitoring with force measurement technology delivers real added value for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Making the invisible visible is the key to overcoming the challenges of tomorrow's world!


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