Hua Hong Group is an 8+12-inch chip manufacturing enterprise with advanced chip manufacturing mainstream technology in China.

The group's business includes integrated circuit R&D and manufacturing, electronic component distribution, intelligent system application and other sectors. The core business of chip manufacturing is distributed in four bases in Pudong Jinqiao, Zhangjiang, Kangqiao and Jiangsu Wuxi. Currently, it operates three 8-inch production lines, 3 12-inch production line.

For more than 20 years, the group has achieved a number of industry firsts and uniques in the journey of devoting itself to the development of the independent and controllable integrated circuit industry: it has taken the lead in building the first 8-inch integrated circuit production line in mainland China, and has built the first domestic enterprise. It has a fully automatic 12-inch production line; it has the only national integrated circuit R&D center; it has become the first and only company in the industry to build and put into operation two 12-inch production lines for two consecutive years.

The group has more than 10,000 employees and has formed a professional, international and high-tech talent team. The whole group has accepted more than 14,000 patent applications, more than 95% of which are invention patents, and more than 7,000 patents have been authorized.

01Integrated circuit mass production process02The technology capability and scale of embedded non-volatile memory are leading in the world, and the IC card chip wafer manufacturing scale is the largest in the world03Rich process portfolio, ultra-low power eFLASH, eEEPROM and MCU technologies, providing low-cost solutions04Leading power semiconductor process manufacturing capacity and scale, first-class deep trench super junction process technology, automotive-grade IGBT production technology05The advanced manufacturing technology of CMOS image sensor, the world's leading market scale06Leading featured process technologies such as RF, BCD, ultra-low power consumption, digital-analog hybrid and MEMS


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