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Renewable Energy
Solar energy is emerging as an alternative energy to human.
SHINSUNG E&G was established in 1977 and has been growing as a solar energy company based on its technical know-how in high precision and high value-added industries including refrigeration and air conditioning, semiconductor and FPD area. We provide ‘One Stop Solution’ covering installation of high performance solar modules and power plants. Our product stability and quality have been verified in various conditions by domestic and international certification bodies (Korea Energy Agency, TÜV, UL, CE Marking, etc.) The availability of solar energy is 2,850 times higher than the annual demand for global energy consumption and it serves as green energy for future without fuels and wastes. Development of solar energy in this age requiring stable energy sources becomes increasingly urgent and therefore it emerges as a prospect in the energy market. Under such circumstances, SHINSUNG E&G has been committed to continued research and development to produce and high performance solar modules with maximized effect in smaller spaces while implementing governmental projects to secure new and original technology.

Solar System
Providing One Stop Solution for solar energy generation
Consultancy – Design-Installation-O&M
Solar Module
with high performance, quality and efficiency to produce more energy within the same area
Differentiated modules
Clean Environment
Know-how of 40 years to open a new paradigm in clean room industry
We have achieved great development in high efficiency clean systems, air conditioning systems with optimized energy consumption, plant engineering and precision installation systems to provide System Technology Solution optimized for a variety of industries including semiconductor, FPD, chemical, nano, secondary cells, ESS, bio, clean and government-driven ones. We will continue to contribute to the development of national industries, realize customer success and seek happiness for next generations to be a Global Leader in advanced clean environment areas.

Innovations in Clean Production Environment, Solar Energy and Aerospace
Providing optimized production environment covering from system planning to design, production, installation, TAB and follow-ups by realizing high efficiency clean systems, air conditioning systems with lower energy consumption, plant engineering and precision installation systems

Clean Rooms & HVAC


Plant Piping

Vent Systems

Electrical and Automated Control

Monitoring Systems


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