From the beginning of its founding, we have designed and produced a lot of specialized machines and customized equipment, utilizing of “technology and information”, “technology and technology” in combination. By exploiting this technologies, we were focusing on the world wide movement and the customer needs, and we have grown into specialized company in manufacturing.

All employees are conscious that “We contribute to society through technology,” which is our corporate philosophy, not only form the drawings faithfully, but also understand exactly designer intents and the process development, propose equipment according to the customer’s application use, and add the value on it, and “If you order to Ayumi Industry, it is definitely to satisfy”. Under these consciousness, we have been manufacturing.

The product range includes but not limited to wafer and die bonders, vacuum sealing systems, an extensive series of glow box, vacuum annealing systems for semiconductor and FPD lines, and large variation of vacuum components.
Currently, Ayumi products are in application in mainstream semiconductor lines, MEMS lines, FPD lines, and corporate and university R&D lines.

Alignment equipment
Bonding equipment
Annealing equipment
LC filling equipment
Vacuum Sealing Equipment
Glove box / Gas purification equipment
Fluxless reflow equipment / Reduction bonding equipment

Ayumi Industry Co., Ltd. produces high quality components like vacuum equipment and accelerators, and electronic / physical engineering related equipment.We have vacuum equipment such as vacuum sealing equipment, LC injection equipment, anodic bonding equipment as a representative products.
We also have industrial equipment like automation labor saving equipment for semiconductor, and vacuum related components, in addition, various vacuum components for large synchrotron radiation facilities.

Vacuum components



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