Since its opening in 2004, it has led the FPD industry through innovative technology development with the passion of "We Make It Possible." Starting with LCD In-Line System, it has expanded its business portfolio to high value-added equipment such as OLED, TSP In-Line System, as well as 3D Laminations, Dispensing, Bake Oven, and Furnace Oven.

We have been able to successfully enter the competitive Chinese FPD market for our superior technology and high quality products in line with customer needs, and based on this, we are ranked No. 1 in China’s In-line system market.

Not only will it play a leading role in the future FPD market, but it will also grow into a core company in the semiconductor and secondary cell equipment markets based on technologies and know-how obtained through In-Line System.

▶ Flying around the world
As the first two-seater light aircraft (KLA-100) commercialization technology in Korea, our company will carry out its dream of flying various aircraft made with our technology for the leader of future UAM company.


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