Hangzhou Freqcontrol Electronic Technology Ltd. is a leading Chinese manufacturer involves in piezoelectric single crystals , surface acoustic wave filters and the single crystal growth and  as well as all sized wafers /substrates process for use in the telecommunications and general time and frequency industries.
we are able to supply a very broad range of all high precision single quartz blanks with all different possible orientations ;  lithium Niobate and lithium Tantalate substrates (3”, 4” 6”& 8” ) for RF saw filters RF single picking up and all Custom sized special glass substrates for optical windows as well as all commercial-end frequency controlled component at BULK and SAW industry for 3G,4G,and 5G application .

From 2020 we continued to explore the production of  thin flim Piezo layer on Insulator (POI)
Substates with our partner now we are able to supply 4” , 6” & 8”LNOI /LTOI ect wafers with with many different orientation for intergrated optics and high frequency RF filters application 
the most piezo could be thinned at 200-300-400-500nm for more diversified  application

We has been servicing for microelectronic manufacturers, defense related contractors, National laboratories, universities and scientists around the world since 1990 . our expertise is specialty on the single piezo crystal science , all kinds of quartz blank and lithium Niobate Lithium Tantalate wafer manufacture, We are committed to the supply of all types of substrate wafers to the microelectronics industry.
  We focus on innovation, cost-effectiveness, and superior quality for our customers. Our accomplishments are the result of the combined efforts of all of our employees, who are dedicated to the highest ethical and quality standards.


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# 1106-1, Crystal International Business Center(CIBC), No.198 Wuxing Rd ,, Qianjiang new city, Shangcheng Qu, Hangzhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, 310006, China