Quality Limited (QPL) was founded in 1982 years, is a global semiconductor industrial enterprises to provide wire frame products Multi-National Corporation. Its headquarters is located in Hongkong, the production business is located in China, sales offices throughout the United States and the Asia Pacific region.
QPL commitment to high quality products and reliable service to achieve a comprehensive customer satisfaction. QPL to provide mass production, from the lead frame design to the shipment can be carried out in accordance with the special requirements of customers. These special requirements usually include customized specifications, shorten the operating time, enhance the cooling and power design, special orders and inventory management services, etc.. The company in a flexible way to provide customers with reliable and cost-effective methods to maintain uninterrupted online production.
To ensure customer satisfaction, we adhere to high standards of customer service. Through effective and flexible production standards and provide real-time customer service, QPL to quickly pay products is known in the industry. The design team within the company can adjust our service according to different customer requirements. In addition to the customers for the design of Etching & Stamping Leadframe and QPL also produces the use of a wide range of standard products, including SOIC (small outline integrated circuit), QFP (Quad Flat Package), TQFP (thin quad flat package), PDIP (plastic dual in to package), PLCC (plastic leaded chip carrier) and TSOP (thin small outline package). For customers who need to provide long-term lead frame products, QPL will work together to reduce costs and enhance services through consultation with the customer, in order to achieve long-term cooperation in the development of the two sides.


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