Substrate structure with
embedded TFC
(Thin Film Capacitor), GigaModule-EC
We have succeeded in the production of semiconductor package substrates with embedded Thin Film Capacitor (TFC). This production meets a long standing industry requirement. The embedded TFC in a substrate has larger capacitance and reduces connection inductances more than ever because it can be placed now a lot closer to the LSI as a decoupling capacitor. FICT has adopted a substrate structure technology called GigaModule-EC, which is used in this new generation substrate with TFC. This structure meets two complex requirements; the microminiaturization of a semiconductor package and a stable power supply between the capacitor and LSIs.This semiconductor package substrate using the GigaModule-EC structure allows you to develop a wide range of devices, from high-end products to mobile applications, allowing them to be small, energy efficient and high performing.


Probe Cards
Our state-of-the-art technology provides innovative organic PCBs, best suited for probe cad applications with huge wiring capacity over 10000 nets, achieving high-quality signal integrity.

We provide total solution including PCB design, PCB manufacturing and assembly for automotive, tablet PCs, IoT modules and other Omnipresent products.

High Density Interconnect PCBs
We provide High-performance and High-reliability multilayer PCBs for ICT infrastructure systems and Social systems. Our High-density PCBs are applicable to place 0.8mm pitch 4000pin class BGA LSIs on both sides of the PCBs.