Maruwa Co., Ltd. is Japanese company established in 1973 focusing on Development, Production and Sales of Ceramic Parts and Electronic Components. One of our main products is Ultra-High Purity Polycrystalline SiC - PureBeta.

Main Advantages in compare to competition:
Ultra High Purity of 99.9999% (6N)
High Thermal Conductivity and Uniformity
Excellent Shape Stability at high temperature because of unique crystal structure
Low Electrical Resistivity
Extreme Durability

SiC Wafer Carriers
SiC Susceptors
SiC Rings (Focus, Edge, etc.)
SiC Adiabatic Plates
SiC Sputtering Targets
SiC Covers
SiC Showerheads
SiC Heater Elements
SiC Heater Units
SiC Gear Parts
SiC Lift Pins
SiC Wafer Handling Arms
SiC Screws