Founded in 2005 export-oriented company, BCG ( Bagdasarov Crystal Group). Specializes in growing of various large size and high optical homogeneity laser, optical and semi-conductor crystals. BCG technique provides perfect optical sapphire crystals(chemical purity 99.995%, defects-free) with any orientation and with diameter up to 250 mm, for production of waters, rods, large windows, prisms etc. These crystals have excellent transparency in wide spectrum (from UV to IR) and precise orientation of optical axes.

The company chief scientific leader is the author of well-known Bagdasarov method – professor Ks.S. Bagdasarov himself, who accepted to led the company’s all scientific researches and to develop our RD department.

Under the leadership of Ks.S. Bagdasarov BCG has prominent Armenian and Russian technologists, each having more than20 years of crystal growth experience. BCG emphasized high quality of products by implementing strict control measures throughout all production processes and stages.