Nuoxingtech is located in the optoelectronic technology industrial park of fuzhou city, fujian province, adjacent to fuyao group, boe (fuzhou).   The company has more than 10,000 square meters of production workshop, independent provincial materials research and development center, currently has more than 50 patents and 20 materials research and technical personnel.    
Nuoxingtech is a new material high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, which integrates r&d, production and sales. The products are mainly used in flat panel display, touch screen, integrated circuit, semiconductor chip, optical lens, infrared laser, low-e glass, photovoltaic solar energy, optical communication, photomagnetic storage, electronic packaging, new energy and other fields. Nuoxingtech adheres to the principle of customer first, positive innovation and pursuit of excellence, and is committed to the development and application of high purity metal, ceramic, alloy and other vacuum coating materials to provide customers with scientific solutions.  

A: Sputtering target
A1: Compound /Ceramic sputtering target / evaporating granule
A2: High purity metal target / evaporating granule
A3: Alloy sputtering target / evaporating granule
A4: Precious metal sputtering target /evaporating granule
in the shapes of sheet/plate/diameter/rotary/granule/tube/powder
B: Evaporating Crucible
C: Evaporating boat
D: Evaporation source equipment accessories