We supply products that can be
the optimal solution for process miniaturization.
Soulbrain has grown through the stable supply of a variety of chemical materials needed in key processes of semiconductors, such as etchant and cleaning agents, CMP slurry, and precursors. Targeting the world’s best semiconductor companies, we provide ultra-high purity chemical materials, and we are expanding our global management with production bases in Korea and China. In addition, we are actively advancing the development of new materials which can respond to rapid changes in the semiconductor process, such as ultrafine process and transformation to 3D structure.

CVD/ALD materials

Etch & Cleaning


CMP Slurry

Cu metalizing

Semiconductor Materials Business
CVD/ALD materials
Since first domestication of TEOS, a chemical compound for the deposition of SiO₂ thin films, we have manufactured various ultra-high purity CVD/ALD precursors, such as high-k materials, and precursors for diffusion barriers. In addition, we are continuously developing and supporting new materials in response to the micronization of the semiconductor process, including new high-k materials, wiring materials, diffusion barrier materials, low-k materials, and gap-fill materials.

We are always doing our best to develop
diverse new products which will lead the future
of the next generation display market.
Soulbrain’s Display Materials Division is providing a stable supply of high-tech chemical materials and parts, and we are leading the development of the display industry through development of products leading changes in the process. We are domestically manufacturing functional chemical materials used in the manufacture of LCD and OLED panels, as well as key components of panels including thin glass and cell scribing.


Organic Material

Thin Glass (OLED)

Display Materials Business
Etchants for display chemically or electrochemically etch metals and non-metal materials, and are used in the process of wire formation for LCD and OLED displays. In the case of the LCD industry, etchants are made up of Ammonium-based (H2O2) etchants mainly used for the etching of copper wiring, oxalic acid-based etchants for etching ITO, BOE-based etchants for etching Si-based thin films, and so on. In particular, there is increasing demand for functional etchants achieving goals such as process ability improvement through price reduction.

Major products
Copper Etchant, BOE Etchant, ITO Etchant

Electronic Materials Business
We are working to respond to
the demands of the fast-changing market,
and to expand to overseas markets.
Soulbrain aims to actively contribute to the development of promising future industries through the
development and manufacture of differentiated materials needed in the LED, solar energy generation, and
electronic vehicles processes. Based on technology accumulated from our chemical materials and parts
businesses, we provide electronic materials needed for the generation of eco-friendly energy, such as LED
process materials, solar cells, and EV (Electric Vehicle) electronic materials.

Solar Cell Materials

Electronic Materials Business
Solar Cell Materials
Including etchants and cleaning agents needed in the manufacture of solar cells and thin film-type solar cells for the generation of solar energy, we are supplying a variety of chemical materials and thin film materials, and we are ready to supply optimized solutions in response to technological development and market expansion.

Major products
Solar cell - Texturing : HF, HNO3 / Diffusion : POCl3, BBr3 / Etch & Cleaning : HF, BOE , HCl / Passivation : TEOS / TCO : DEZPoly Si - Cleaning : HF, HNO3

Secondary Battery Materials Business
Electrolyte, one of the key components of lithium ion secondary batteries, is a medium enabling the movement of lithium ions between the anode and cathode. Non-aqueous electrolytes are composed of organic solvents with high electric constants and low viscosity, lithium salts, and additives. Based on refined technology for differentiated solvents and additives, Soulbrain has developed a manufacturing process maintaining low moisture and HF content, and we are manufacturing high quality electrolytes. In addition, we are developing and supplying a variety of functional electrolytes to improve the lifetime and performance of secondary batteries, such as electrolytes with gas generation controlling and overcharge prevention capabilities.

Major products
PuriEL (Lithium Ion Battery Electrolyte)

Lead Tab
The lead tab for use in lithium secondary batteries is a material that connects the positive and negative electrodes in the pouch cell, and is made of materials such as aluminum, nickel, and copper. The Lead Tab Division at Soulbrain SLD, a subsidiary of Soulbrain Co., Ltd., is producing high-quality products that completely blocks electrolyte leakage through employment of differentiated metal plating and specialized surface treatment technology. In addition, we are equipped with automated production facilities and production lines that can manufacture a variety of different product specifications to meet customer needs.

Major products
Secondary battery electrodes for PHEVSecondary battery electrodes for EVSecondary battery electrodes for ESS