Synthesis of diamond single crystals weighing up to 7 carats that do not have natural analogs.
Development of hard alloys based on TiC-ZrC; ultrahard fullerites; UO2 ceramics, ß-Si3N4, new Bi2Te3-based nanostructured thermoelectric materials.

X-ray Optics and Diamond Anvils
Research under ultrahigh pressures up to 2.5 - 3 Mbar. Absence of luminescence. X-ray optics unparalleled anywhere in the world as confirmed by independent research in the Argonne National Laboratory.

Power Supply and Sensors based on Diamond Single Crystals
1040 single structures on a single crystal. Integral forward current higher than 1A (5mA/mm).
Ultraviolet and temperature sensors, and sensors of ionizing radiation.The highest measurement accuracy, wide range and high speed.

Extreme Acoustoelectronics
High and ultra high pressure sensors. Remote temperature control under radiation effects. Conversion of the nuclear radiation energy to electric energy.

Production of Equipment
Development and creation of high-pressure equipment and control systems for technological processes of synthesis.
A smoothly running for several years method and installations of HPHT. High-end equipment for CVD synthesis of diamond layers.