Diamond is generally admitted as the highest rigidity mineral on earth, the first of the man-made Diamonds, also known as Synthetic Diamond or CVD Diamond, was made in 1956 by General Electric with the High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) process.

In 2002, Zhengshi technology started the initial CVD R&D with 2 Japan-imported under the leadership of engineer Chuang Gong, through 12 years unremitting efforts, ZS tech made a break-through in MPCVD technology, advancing and enhanced the quality, output and accuracy. Meanwhile, energy consumption reduced and increased functionality at the same time.

Base on the advancing MPCVD technology, our R&D team succeed in growing the rough CVD diamonds in 2007, rough diamond plates in 2009, jewelry grade single crystal diamonds in 2013.

ZS Technology shanghai Co., Ltd. Officially registered and established on 31st Dec,2014.

The company gained a rapid growth in the next 4 years. Expanded the lab from one building to two, counting 6,100 sqm, established the administrative team and office beside the labs.

Following by the growing market demand of CVD diamonds, specifically in north America, ZS tech opened the subsidiary branched in NYC and Hong Kong by means of the diamond transaction .

ZS technology can grow the finest CVD diamonds without any HTHP color enhancement/treatment all over the world, which, in year 2019, were identified and certified by IGI as the world-only pure CVD.

CVD diamonds grown by us are used in the commercial sector (mechanical, manufacturing), scientific and medical instrumentation as well as in the luxury sector.

In 2019’s 3-year plan, the company will continuously expand the production and lab capacity to both succeed in customizing CVD diamonds with specified color and clarity. Meanwhile, the new cutting specialty department is well prepared and will be developed in coming days.