Hanking Electronics specializes in MEMS design, fabrication and MEMS IMU products and related electronics components. Hanking is China’s first high volume 8″/ 200 mm MEMS foundry located in Fushun, China on over 51 hectares and a 513,950 m2 facility.

Hanking Electronics also offers patterned thin film getter foundry services for MEMS vacuum packaging. Integrated thin film getters can be used to improve the performance of wafer level vacuum packages and are often incorporated into IR, pressure sensors and resonators like gyroscopes and oscillators.

Its process capabilities cover those needed for MEMS pressure sensors, accelerometers, gyros, flow sensors and custom services are available for foundry customers. Hanking has an R&D center in Cleveland Ohio and engineering teams in Milan and Pisa, Italy.

Process Capabilities

Film Deposition
Metal Deposition
Wafer Bonding
Etch processes including DRIE and VHF
Wet processes
Wafer level packaging
Main Processes

1    Film Deposition    Hi-K dielectric deposition
Polysilicon deposition
PECVD Oxide deposition
Low Temperature Oxide deposition
Antistiction film coating deposition
2    Metal Deposition    Seed layer deposition
Multilayer metal film deposition
Germanium sputtering
3    Thermal    Thermal Oxidation
Hi-K dielectric annealing
Oxide layer annealing
4    Wet    RCA clean
Wet etch silicon
Post DRIE wet clean
Wet remove photoresist
Pre-furnace clean
5    Wafer Bonding    Aluminum Germanium Eutectic bonding
Gold-Silicon Eutectic bonding
6    Etch    High aspect ratio etch DRIE
Vapor phase oxide etch
Rapid Silicon etch
Metal etch
Backside etch
Polysilicon etch
Hi-K dielectric etch
Oxide etch
7    Lithography    Photoresist coating
Photoresist spray
Full field aligner exposure
DRIE 5x stepper exposure
Lift off

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