Background of SIIQ Founding

 SIIQ was founded in May 2002 for the purpose of promoting the semiconductor-and-electronics-related industry in the Kyushu region as an organization to operate the “Industrial Cluster Program” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. SIIQ has achieved the strong and dynamic government-industry-academia collaboration over a wide area, by linking up the industrial world, universities, research institutes and local governments, and also has created a virtuous-cycle structure of intellectual creation and industrial vitalization by building a variety of human networks. We aim to form a globally competitive semiconductor cluster and also to energize the regional economy in Kyushu region through SIIQ’s activities.

Profile  (As of 2013)

 Date of Foundation:
May 2002
201 companies/persons (As of July 2013)
 Annual membership fee :
¥60,000 to ¥300,000 for full membership, ¥60,000 to ¥120,000
for supporting membership, and ¥6,000 for individual membership.
Toshiro Kurusu, President, Sony Semiconductor Corporation
 Honorary Adviser:
Hajime Sasaki, Honorary Adviser, NEC Corporation
 Vice Chairmen:
Tadayuki Kyotani, President, PMT Corporation
Toshio Tsurushima, Chairman, Advanced Semiconductor Technology Forum
Haruo Iwatsu, Senior Fellow, Tokyo Electron Limited
Hitonori Abe, Oita Plant Manager, Toshiba Corporation Semiconductor & Storage Products Company
Junji Tsuda, Chairman and president, Yaskawa Electric Corporation
24 members chosen from the industry and academia
Public Relations Division
“Public Relations Division” is in charge of
  - enhancing the visibility of SIIQ’s activities,
  - building networks and alliances among our members,
  - collecting the information required for innovation and business creation,
  - publicizing and providing the information through our website.
    a. Dispatch of the latest news of the semiconductor industry
    b. Dispatch of the information to the market on SIIQ member companies
    c. Encouragement of human resources to take the lead of the future semiconductor industry
    d. Participation in SEMICON Taiwan and SEMICON Japan
Alliance Division
“Alliance Division” helps build networks and alliances required for innovation
and business creations.
    a. Alliance-building Promotion Seminar
    b. Next-generation Technology Seminar
    c. Wide-area Market Exploitation and Technology Collaboration Programs
Technology Creation Division
“Technology Creation Division” provides support required for innovation and
creation of new projects through network building.
    a. Technology Network Salon
    b. Research Incentive Program
    c. Industry-academia Collaborative Business Seeds Survey Program
    d. Kyushu Brand Creation Workshop
Business Creation Division
“Business Creation Division” provides support required for creation of new business
chances and projects through network building.
a. South East Asia market development support program
b. Technology and Management Strategy Promotion Program(MOT Seminar)
c. Marketing Seminar
d. Business Support Program

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