From precision manufacturing and renewable energies to digitalization technologies, we provide the expertise, technologies, processes, and services that can add a decisive advantage to all our industrial partners.

Digital Technologies
Digital technologies are growing at an unprecedented pace, fed by a web of interconnected devices (the Internet of Things) and smart machinery (Industry 4.0). They are rapidly forcing every business sector to reinvent itself—from energy to precision agriculture, to personalized health and manufacturing.



Precision Manufacturing
Precision manufacturing technology has captured the imagination of every industry segment—from aerospace to watchmaking. Our innovation in manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, combined with our commitment to industry 4.0, is a step toward maintaining Europe’s flexible and competitive precision manufacturing industry.

Sustainable Energy
As energy evolves to meet the ever-expanding needs of the 21st century, CSEM is at the forefront of technological and digital developments across the fields of renewable energies and energy management services. We are using advanced technologies to help our customers thrive throughout this smarter landscape, optimizing renewable energies and their integration, storage, monitoring, control, and maintenance.