United Microelectronics Center (CUMEC) was a collaborative innovation platform of microelectronics technology strongly supported by Chongqing government, incorporated in October, 2018 .It is committed to solve the need of independent high-end development of the national microelectronics industry and its future industry, taking the technical route of More than Moore's , to build a high-end featured photoelectric integration process platform integrating processes, technologies and products including silicon photonics, heterogeneous 3D integration, SiGe RF, etc.

Process center is responsible for the establishment of 8-inch process platform, characteristic process development, platform operation, small batch production of characteristic products, etc. The center has more than 120 sets of process and measurement equipment, feature size: 130nm, pilot production capacity: 3000 pieces/month. According to the process module, process center includes process integration, lithography, etching, film, and diffusion. It has also sets expert office to attract a wide range of industry senior experts.