The semiconductor industry is a key industry leading the Korean economy and has been a strong support for the Korean economy for the past 30 years. In particular, semiconductor exports last year amounted to USD 126.7 billion, ranking first in exports for six consecutive years, as well as being the first in the world to exceed USD 100 billion in exports as a single item, rewriting the history of the Korean economy.

However, the Korean semiconductor industry still has many hurdles to overcome. There are many challenges to be solved, such as rapidly changing technology and global market environment, China's fierce pursuit of huge capital and demand, and continuous outflow of manpower and technology.

However, one thing is clear: in the irresistible trend of the 4th industrial revolution, the demand for semiconductors will steadily increase, and a greater opportunity lies ahead of us than before.

Now that the domestic semiconductor industry faces new challenges and crises, I feel a heavier responsibility than ever as I take on an important role as the president of an association representing the Korean semiconductor industry.

We will do our best to continue the myth of 'Semiconductor Korea,' the unquenchable growth engine of the Korean economy, using the crisis we face as a stepping stone together with the members who made the semiconductor industry possible.

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