Semiconductor Portal Inc. (Semiconportal) holds a huge and strong network through our shareholders and member companies of B-to-B information hub in the semiconductor and nanosystem value chain including semiconductor and electronics manufacturers, equipment/materials/components manufacturers, EDA tool vendors, IP vendors, and related services. Semiconportal offers our customers connections to their potential customers, partners, and suppliers through our excellent marketing and consulting services. Since 2001, Semiconportal has been providing a corporate subscription-based website service targeting executives, engineers, and other semiconductor-industry professionals. Semiconportal provides member companies with information and analysis on changes in the global semiconductor market, semiconductor-related business practices, leading-edge technologies and development roadmaps, plus access to useful databases. The website currently serves over 16,000 individual members at more than 80 corporate members. Our experience and wide subscription base make us Japan’s most trusted information hub for the semiconductor and electronics industries.