J&V Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (J&V) was founded in 2016. With great investment experiences in finance for more than a decade, the founder responds to constantly changing investment markets with innovative and adventurous insights. He is also committed to develop skilled financial talents.

Management Philosophy
Being calm and patient for the right time to invest and moving toward the prey with rapid speed are the features of J&V. We do not stick to convention and our team is diversified which means we are able to accurately analyze the investment markets and keep abreast of financial trend. Due to increasingly severe global warming and climate change, J&V is hoping to be the leader of solar energy industry to protect our environment and the earth.

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Founder's messages
Founder and CSO of J&V Energy – Johnny Chang

Sun feeds the life of the earth and drives co-existence and prosperity of all creatures and rapid development of future technology. In order to create a pollution-free environment, J&V Energy devotes itself to develop the renewable energy for our next generation. Now the solar energy factories of J&V are located in Taiwan and Japan; thus, we hope that J&V Energy would expand its presence around the world to achieve extensive practice of green energy.

Green life, from heart.

J&V Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded.Feb, 2016The first solar dealer to obtain miscellaneous license in subsidence area in Taiwan, also the first successful case of grid-connection.July, 2016
Held a press conference of power supply operation in Yunlin Taihsi.Nov, 2016Pihsiang solar field was grid-connected in Ilan Suao, the largest thin-film solar power plant in Asia so far.Dec, 2016
J&V has been appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the new South to the Association of six countries interview group reception unit, led the guests to visit the ground and roof type case.Feb, 2017Winning the solar power system project of warehouse No.4 at Suao port.Mar, 2017
Winning the project of Legislative Yuan solar system, which will become the third green building of the parliament in the world.Apr, 2017