Established in November 2003, Win Win Precision Technology Co., Ltd core business is in providing vertically integrated solar PV total solutions.

Over the years, Win Win Precision Technology gained the trust, recognition and confidence of major solar PV and semiconductor companies worldwide. Win Win Precision Technology’s active investment in product market development coupled with active collaborations with renowned players in the solar and semiconductor industry spears our company’s technology services to greater heights.

We as Win Win Group with a long-standing history in the semiconductor industry strongly believe in the potential of solar technology as a major viable energy source of the future. In parallel to the semiconductor industry, we are aware of the further cost-reduction potential and economies of scale that will make solar electricity costs competitive to traditional energy sources in the foreseeable future. It is our passion to design, produce and supply the most cost-effective products of the highest quality standard, and our commitment to advocate and advance the broad societal acknowledgment of solar systems as an alternative energy solution.

In 2007, Win Win Precision Technology re-organized into two business divisions. The Semiconductor Division and the Solar Division. The Solar division was established to ride the new solar PV business wave. We are driven by quality excellence and cost-effectiveness. We are committed to sustainable management on the basis of business models that meet the market. Our business models rely on long-term strategic partnerships with customers. To express our uniqueness in quality excellence and our drive to perfection, we created a new brand name called "WINAICO" that is inherently linked to those virtues.

Win Win Precision Technology’s worldwide headquarters is located in Taiwan. Our subsidiaries and branch offices stretch from Asia to Europe. Our Europe headquarters is in the Netherlands. Offices located in Germany, Italy and France facilitate direct marketing, sales, system installation and efficient customer after-sales services in Europe


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