M&H Engineering, Inc.

 Danvers, US Manufacturer,  Service Company
M&H Engineering is a supplier of critical, ultra-high precision components and mechanical assemblies to the semiconductor industry.


 , KR Manufacturer,  Service Company
LK ENGINEERING is manufacturing & trading semiconductor equipment parts. They handle and focus on ESC (Electro Static Chuck). This company does repairs and brand new designed ESC (BODY Design, PLATE Design, ELECTRODE Design, 3D Design, Heater Design).

Nano Electronics and Micro System Technologies, Inc.

 South District, TW Manufacturer,  Service Company
NEMS develops plasma technologies and provides plasma surface treatment solutions, including vacuum and atmospheric plasma machines. NEMS plasma machines can be used for surface cleaning surface etching and surface modification

Nanjing Advanced Semiconductor Technology, Co., Ltd

 Nanjing Shi, CN Manufacturer
Nanjing Advanced Semiconductor Technology (NAST), Co., Ltd specializes in the production of semiconductor-grade silicon material, including optimized hot zone and full-automatic process of crystal growth.