Suzhou Bopai Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of new technologies for advanced semiconductor packaging and applications, including three major sectors: Engineering Center Research Institute, key equipment and core semiconductor materials. Through global absorbing and company self-research, we will complete the upstream and downstream layout of advanced technology, key equipment technology, and core materials to ensure the supply security of the domestic semiconductor industry chain and avoid the problem of stuck necks.


After Boschman joining Bopai company group, our company has a packaging design center in the Netherlands and two manufacturing bases in the Netherlands and Singapore. Its business includes semiconductor equipment R&D and sales, packaging and application technology development. At the same time, it will expand the construction of China's R&D and manufacturing bases to form the supply capacity of key manufacturing equipment, and then meet the incremental demand for the rapid development of third-generation semiconductors in the world.


Bopai Semiconductor has a large number of core patented technologies: silver sintering, film-assisted plastic packaging, dynamic insert technology, resin through-hole technology, etc., and has always been in a leading position in the world in advanced semiconductor packaging, high-power semiconductor packaging and applications; in MEMS and sensors, etc. In the subdivision field, our related equipment can meet the special process requirements of optical/pressure/image sensors, fingerprint recognition sensors, smart cards and 2.5D/3D products.


In terms of third-generation semiconductor SiC power modules, our silver sintering technology is also the global market pioneer. In 2014, firstly released sintering equipment to the market. In 2016, completed the packaging development of T* power module for S* Company, prototype and entire process procedure reference for HVM production. To support the SiC power modules to use for new energy vehicle successfully.


Regarding to core semiconductor materials, our core products are active metal brazing AMB ceramic substrates. It has conquered the entire industrial layout. The product performance and cost have huge advantages. It has been certified and tested by the world’s top SiC power semiconductor customers, breaking international monopoly, and ensure 100% domestic technology and supply chain security.