Axometrics, Inc. was formed in 2002 to meet the polarization measurement needs of optics professionals. The company was founded by recognized experts in the field of polarization measurement, Matthew H. Smith, Ph.D. and Russell Chipman, Ph.D., each having decades of experience developing world-class polarimeters and advancing the science of polarimetry.
Axometrics has become a global leader in polarization testing equipment manufacturing. Our systems provide full Mueller matrix polarization testing capability to customers ranging from flat panel display manufacturers to heart valve manufacturers. We produce optical measuring tools in sizes to match the products they test, and they are used in applications ranging from tiniest smart phone lenses to the largest LCD panel substrates being made.
By developing the industry's fastest and most accurate polarimeters, and by working closely with our customers and responding to their needs, Axometrics will continue to provide the finest polarization measurement solutions available.

Polarimeters and Ellipsometers
All Axometrics’ polarimeters measure the full Mueller matrix of a sample. Because the Mueller matrix contains all possible polarization properties of a sample, these systems have an extraordinarily large range of applications. Axometrics’ ellipsometer systems measure a reduced set of polarization parameters that is sufficient for measuring the thickness and refractive index of thin-films and bulk materials.

High-speed single-point Mueller matrix polarimeter for polarization property testing or generalized ellipsometry for nearly any type of sample.
Imaging Mueller matrix polarimeter for measuring all polarization properties at every point in an image.
Imaging ellipsometer system for measuring thin-film properties at every point in an image.

Large and Inline Measurement Systems
Axometrics manufactures a wide range of measurement systems for handling samples that are too large for desktop fixtures. These large systems are at home in the laboratory or on the factory floor, and all systems are designed for operation in a cleanroom.

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Polarizer and Retarder Film Measurement
Measurement systems for large cut sheets, cross-web samples, or inline monitoring of all types of polarizer and retarder films.
Large & Inline LCD Panel Measurement
Large & Inline LCD Panel Measurement
Measurement systems for offline LCD panel testing and inline LCD motherglass testing.
Large ellipsometer system
Large / Inline Ellipsometry Systems
Thin-film thickness measurements on large LCD, OLED and solar cell substrates.

Light Sources
Axometrics manufacturers a range of light sources optimized for use with our measurement systems. Both tunable and fixed-wavelength sources are available.

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Tunable visible light source for wavelengths 400 - 980 nm
Ultra-stable LED light sources

Calibration Standards
Stable and well-calibrated standards are critically important for verifying test equipment. Axometrics manufacturers a range of calibration standards for calibrating and verifying our measurement systems.

polarization standards
Polarization Reference Standards
Reference standards for retarders, polarizers, and circular polarizers
Holmium Oxide calibration filter
Wavelength Verification
Standards for calibrating tunable - wavelength light sources
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Thin-Film Test Standards
Film thickness standards for ellipsometry.

Axometrics offers a wide range of analysis software packages with our systems. Applications range from basic polarization properties analysis used by researchers and quality control departments, to determining the full three-dimensional geometry of liquid crystal molecules within LCD panels during manufacturing, and everything in between.

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Standard Software
Software included with every measurement system for reporting basic polarization properties in an easy-to-understand format
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Application-Specific Software
A huge range of software has been developed for solving specific polarization- related problems across many different industries
We offer measurement solutions for nearly every polarization-critical application, from R&D to Quality Control to Production.