, KR Manufacturer
UV irradiator, Wafer Laminator, Tape Mounter, Plasma Cleaner. Semiconductor Factory Automation: OHT, Stocker, Bonding Automation. Precision machined equipment parts.


 , KR
Plasma Technology, Electromagnetic Shield Technology, Gas Purification Technology, Automation System Technology, Precise Alignment Technology in Vacuum

Seen BnTek Co., Ltd.

 , KR Manufacturer
Semiconductor equipment and mobile phone manufacturing automation systems, robots for factory automation, equipment


 , KR Manufacturer
LED/OLED Equipment: Wireless logistics, Micro LED Chip AOI Inspector, Dispenser, PAD Cleaner, COG FOG AOI. Semiconductor: Mount Inspector, Wire Bonding, Die Attach, Wafer Warpage, WRS Inspector, STOCKER system, Wafer Edge, Macro Tower Lifter, STB, Rail.

Nine Bell Co., Ltd

 , KR Manufacturer
ROBOTS for semiconductor industry. Automation equipment in semiconductor, LCD, OLED, LED.

Murata Machinery, Ltd

 , JP Manufacturer
Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) Shuttle system Uni-SHUTTLE HP 3D robot warehousing system ALPHABOT Smart AGV Premex XIO Automated forklift Premex SLX Self-driving carriage-mounted Automated forklift Premex SLX with SVS AGV (automated guided


 , TW Manufacturer
Design and manufacture of automation equipment.

BISTelligence, Inc

 , KR Service Company,  Turnkey Systems Integrator
Smart Factory AI Powered

Shanghai Fortrend Technology Co., Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Wafer transfer system ( SORTER/EFEM) technology, Standard Mechanical Interface(SMIF) technology, ultra-clean automation/ EUV automation technology, wafer surface curing processes, AGV, wafer ultra-clean automation storage system, and RFID tracking system.

Aseafa Co Ltd

 , KR Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
Trim/Form/Singulation Machine. Taping and tray packing machine. Connector assembly machine. Pin insert machine.

igus, inc

 , DE Manufacturer
Plastic bearings, energy chain, linear guide, cables, preventive maintenance, lubrication free, corrosion free.


 , TW Manufacturer,  Distributor
Automation solution for the application of industrial control, real-time data, warning system of earthquakes and hydrology, the power-monitoring.

SFA Engineering Corp.

 , KR Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer,  Turnkey Systems Integrator
Clean Logistics System & Test Equipment: OHT, N2 Stocker, AGV, Inter-layer High-Speed Lifter, Clean Module Conveyor. FPD front end and module equipment.


 , DE Manufacturer
PCB, Photo Chemical Milling (PCM), Surface Finishing, Thermal Processing Furnaces and Ovens, Automation Equipment. Solar production equipment.

esmo AG

 , DE Manufacturer
Manufacturer of top-performance manipulators, docking/interfacing equipment, and handling systems, plus system integration + automation specialist


 , JP Manufacturer
Automation solution for semiconductor, FPD, LED, MEMS. Wafer handling and mask, reticle handling systems.

Aim Systems

 , KR Manufacturer
Specialized solution for semiconductor / display manufacturing factory and equipment automation

Aerotech, Inc.

 , US Manufacturer
Motion & Positioning systems, Custom solutions, Integrated Automation Systems

Greatech Technology Berhad

 , MY Manufacturer
Semiconductor production: Wafer Handler, EFEM (Equipment Front End Module). Solar: CVD Loader, Auto Rail Mounting System, Auto Framing Line, Interlayer Pairing System, Cover Glass Pairing System, Auto Labeling System, Leakage Current Inspection

Jabil Precision Automation Solutions

 , US Manufacturer,  Turnkey Systems Integrator
Automated manufacturing systems. Advanced manufacturing and robotics integration.