RAON TECH Corp. was founded in 2000 and we have been developing and
distributing robots and automated systems in the Robot and Automation
area that are valuable to human.
“RAON” means “pleasure” in pure Korean, and we aim for technologies that make customers, stockholders, partners
and all employees pleasant.
“RAON” stands for Robot & Automation ON Humanity, Creativity and Intelligence, and our mission is to provide creative
and intelligent robots and automated solutions on the basis of values of human.

In the future society where all things are connected and changed through big data and artificial intelligence in the fourth
industry revolution, smart factories and robots would innovate manufacturing environment and provide human beings new values.
RAON TECH Corp. since its establishment has been developing and distributing robots and automated modules to provide customers creative mechanisms,
intelligent controls and convergent solutions. These robots and automated modules are being applied to semiconductor and display industries,
contributing to innovative manufacturing, and recently robot automated solutions are extended to the pharmaceutical and biology industries.

As we have been and are, we will try our best to be a competitive global company pursuing creative research and development, intelligent manufacturing system, reliable quality and service system to provide humans valuable robots and automated solutions in the future as well. It would be highly appreciated if you
encourage and support RAON TECH Corp. to continuously grow to share our outcomes with customers, partners and employees.