TOYO is established in Taiwan in the year of 2000, with the support from the experts in the industries and our continuous innovation and developing skills, we have become the number one brand of actuator in Taiwan and China. Furthermore, we have successfully export our MIT product to at least 15 overseas countries including Japan with good feedback. For the recent years, we have been working on improving our product range, developed many high C/P value single axis robot which combined controller and mechanical module and 4 axis scara robot." "We hope our efforts can feedback to the Taiwanese industries, also wishing that we can support good MIT products to world. To provide faster service globally, we have setup manufacturing factories in Tainan Taiwan, Shuzhou China and Fukuoka Japan. Also, regional agents in over 15 countries like in US, Europe and South East Asia."

Electric Gripper
CH Series

Servo Cylinder
Servo Cylinder

Built-in Guideway Ball Screw Actuator
G Series

Linear Motor Robot

Belt driven
ETB Series

Belt driven-European
M Series

Clean, Actuator Series
Clean Room Type

Multi Axis, Ballscrew
XYTH Series

Multi Axis, Belt Type
XYTB Series

Desktop Robot
JTB Series

Ballscrew driven
ETH Series

TOYO Group was established in 2000,<Exceed Your Needs> is our Company Principle. With heavily invested in R&D and innovation, we gain the majority of customer acceptance and adoption. Especially in Taiwan and China market of robotics, we have become the brand of choice for customers. Also, TOYO successfully exporting Taiwan-made products to over 15 advanced countries, including Japan, United States, Italy, Korea¡Ketc. and won a very good reputation in the market. In order to keep improving the competitiveness, TOYO put a lot of investment in R&D and developed a variety cost-effective controller combined single-axis and multi-axis Cartesian robots. In addition, in order to provide the rapid service to customers in the region around the world, we have set up production facilities in Tainan Taiwan, Suzhou China and Fukuoka Japan, Also has been co-operating with agents in more than nine countries, like the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. Providing the Global Services System is our aim.

6 Major Products of Linear Drive

Electric Linear Actuator / Electric cylinders / Electric grippers

Single-axis Robots with Servo system / Linear motor Robots

Cartesian Robots

Desktop Robots

SCARA Robots

AGVS = Automatic Guided Vehicles