UCT’s chemical and gas delivery systems ensure that Gordon Moore’s prediction about ever-shrinking transistors will continue to be realized. The systems are configured to address your specific needs with superior technical expertise in design and manufacturing. Our turnkey systems permit the precise delivery, management and control of specialty gasses and chemicals – in semiconductor, flat panel, solar and medical manufacturing.

Using state of the art testing equipment developed by UCT’s test engineering team, expert technicians ensure that your systems will meet your stringent performance requirements.

Production of plastic chemical delivery systems has been the focus of the UCT Fluid Delivery Solutions Division since the beginning more than 15 years ago. We understand and address the complexity of repeatedly and reliably delivering the liquid chemicals and precursors for your equipment requirements. Our expert welders, using state of the art production methods, fabricate the small sub-systems you need as well as large all plastic cabinets and exhaust channels.

UCT’s welding professionals routinely work with all forms of plastics including PP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, PFA, and other FM 4910 approved materials. Utilizing leading edge welding capabilities, including infrared welding and hot gas welding, we ensure the integrety of your chemical delivery system. We have a segregated, fully equipped production area for welding PFA materials. Our welding process is certified with CSN 05 0705 (050705). The weldments are leak tested using Helium pressure tests and electrical permeability tests (spark tests). Fabricated parts are subject to digital 3D measurement inspection.

These weldments are integrated by UCT’s highly skilled manufacturing team with necessary high purity PFA pipe tubing and precision PFA tube bending on our class 10,000 production floor to provide your chemical delivery system modules and subsystems.

As the semiconductor industry’s first turnkey gas delivery system manufacturer, UCT lead in enabling the outsourcing strategy of the industry. Our business model was developed around highly configurable nature of semiconductor equipment manufacturing and we understand your requirements for precise delivery, management and control of specialty gasses and chemicals—also applicable to flat panel, solar and medical manufacturing. Our expert engineers are available to assist you with full gas delivery system design or design for manufacturing recommendations.

UCT is the global leader in Ultra-High Purity (UHP) orbital and hand welding. Our rigorously trained welding professionals apply the latest techniques and technologies to ensure perfect welds every time. Our broad range of capabilities include small to large diameter fabrication, orbital welding, manual welding, and precision tube bending. By combining robotics welding with hand craftsmanship, we have moved the art of high purity welding and orbital welding to a robust manufacturing science.

With final assembly in our class 100 and 1000 clean rooms, UCT’s expert technicians ensure your gas delivery system will meet the stringent cleanliness that today’s leading edge processes require.

Process repeatability is a critical factor to ensuring high device yield in semiconductor manufacturing. Foundational to achieving this is the placement of the wafer within the process chamber. Repeatedly placing the wafer in the same location within a chamber requires tight control of all the mechanical systems within the production tool – from the atmospheric and vacuum robots which transport the wafer to the chamber to the pin lift systems within the chamber which position the wafer on the chamber stage.

With decades of experience supporting the unique requirements of the semiconductor equipment industry, UCT’s engineering and manufacturing teams understand what is required to deliver the mechanical control and placement precision for process repeatability and high yield.

Our mechatronic experts engage all aspects of the value chain to deliver the solutions needed to meet critical customer product requirements:

Model integrity and analysis to understand design intent and insure accuracy of provided documentation
System level tolerance analysis to insure consistent and predictable integration and performance that meets overall required precision and accuracy requirements
Test equipment design to validate that systems meet all operational requirements
Semiconductor precision mechanisms and wafer handling systems including:
Robot Controllers
Robots for wet and dry atmospheric applications
Track Systems
High precision linear actuator assembly

Any equipment integration provider can routinely handle producing hundreds of the same system, but many industries require a higher degree of flexibility in their manufacturing partner – one who can efficiently and effectively perform system integration involving low volumes of highly configurable complex assemblies and modules. With more than 20 years of semiconductor equipment manufacturing experience UCT was built to support this type of customer.

Using a balance of vertical integration and key strategic partnerships we manage our operations to consistently meet your delivery targets, including during dynamic demand periods. We can efficiently meet your production needs for value added frames, electrical and mechanical assemblies, fluid and pneumatic assemblies, and ultra-high purity gas systems across the full spectrum of high-tech industries. Let our experienced system integration engineers bring together component sub-systems, delivering ready-to-install assemblies.

In addition, our broad engineering teams work together to provide customized manufacturing solutions to meet your product performance challenges. Whether it’s simplifying chamber sub-system assembly by utilizing our ability to integrate gas delivery system heating into key gas lines or automating testing of a key module to shorten the test cycle time, we implement solutions to meet your quality, delivery, and cost requirements.

In complex manufacturing equipment, thermal control is not simply the control of temperature in the active processing area of a system – it is ensuring all the chemical precursors and by-product reactants are addressed to ensure high-reliability performance. Our Thermal Solutions Division knows these challenges and our culture is founded on working directly with your engineers to address your most challenging temperature management needs.

The semiconductor industry is introducing more new critical processes and precursors than ever as the industry continues performance scaling. These more complex chemistries often require control of multiple parameters to deliver reliable process performance, including tight thermal management of gas distribution systems. Averaging almost 20 years of semiconductor industry experience in thermal control and measurement, our engineers understand unique challenges in designing for manufacture and serviceability needed to meet your repeatability and quality requirements. This enables them to provide a high volume manufacturing solution with the initial design.

Our engineers are supported by customized testing and characterization capabilities, which enable complete in-house testing of all new products. Our environmentally controlled lab and adjustable external airflow enable us to simulate customer’s enclosures. We replicate process gases with N2 flow (heated or ambient) and measure up to 80 temperature input channels per second. We also provide testing at customer sites (20 channel input capability).

As the semiconductor industry accelerates processes for the manufacture of IoT smart products that guide the future, custom precision fabrications are an important aspect of production. The integrity, safety and purity of systems are a primary goal. Supply chain, expert design, engineering and manufacturing teams must align to produce flawless components to meet—and exceed—product specifications.

As society accelerates the need for smart, connected products, UCT is committed to enabling semiconductor devices to shrink to the next, ever smaller technology node. Delivering these advanced products require ultra clean, precision components for process tools including the gas delivery system.

Weldments are key to the delivery of new chemicals for the advanced deposition and etch markets with a focus on cleanliness, contamination control, uniformity and overall quality. With multiple patents, UCT is the leader in manufacturing weldments, gas sticks and fully integrated gas panels. UCT understands the requirements of a high-quality weldment and can meet the leading-edge semiconductor performance requirements necessary to reach the next technology node.

Leaders in semiconductor manufacturing value UCT’s partnership — confident the weld integrity, safety and purity of customer systems are our primary goal. With capabilities spanning high- and low-pressure applications, gas delivery and distribution, as well as exhaust manifolds, our welding expertise can address the requirements of not only the process tool; but, the supporting gas distribution infrastructure.

UCT offers a complete range of value-add solutions such as turnkey design and product realization, contract manufacturing and build to print. As a value-add contract manufacturer, UCT works with worldwide leaders in semiconductor, microelectronic and other high-purity, high-performance industries. Supply chain, expert design, engineering and manufacturing teams align to produce flawless components to meet and exceed product specifications.



Metals: Stainless, Aluminum, and Hastelloy
Tube Sizes: ⅛" to 6"
Manufacturing Techniques

Automated processes
tube cutting and CNC bending
Orbital and TIG
Leak check, CMM
Manufacturing Environment

Clean room
Class 100
Cleanliness Certification
option from ChemTrace


Reliable, cost-effective, high-volume manufacturing involving critical gas or liquid inputs requires a robust physical infrastructure. Whether comprising the gas delivery system for wafer fabrication equipment or the fluid control systems for oil and gas production applications, the valves, fittings and hoses are critical building blocks.Meeting the stringent requirements of high-performance industries requires not only understanding the capabilities of individual parts or components but ensuring the performance of the entire system. From high-purity, corrosive chemical delivery systems for semiconductor applications to high-pressure, temperature-sensitive solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical processes, the end-to-end development and manufacturing capability created by the addition of Ham-Let portfolio enables UCT to more effectively address complex application challenges.DOWNLOAD PDF CATALOG

Engineering and Technology Partner

With more than a half-century of experience supporting high purity and process control applications, Ham-Let flow control and fluid management solutions address the demanding requirements of a broad number of industries. Ham-Let innovation extends to integrating industrial internet of things (IIoT) capabilities into our devices enabling customers to unveil industry 4.0 benefits.

Ham-Let’s unique tailored and value engineering solutions solves customers’ product needs and plans through a collaborative and consultative approach, resulting in a lower total cost-of-ownership. Customer Service has the appropriate engineering know-how to assist with application optimization ensuring your overall performance requirements are addressed. We have years of production and engineering experience, and the expertise to support nonstandard products and sub-systems.

Flow control has always been critical for high semiconductor device yield. The new process steps in the leading-edge devices create fresh challenges for delivering high reliability, high-purity fluid flow. Novel chemicals are increasingly being introduced to enable advanced deposition and etch processes, including many liquid and solid precursors. In addition, processes like ALD and EUV lithography expand the range of requirements to include fast gas switching and high-pressure control.

With decades of experience supporting semiconductor production, Ham-Let’s extensive product portfolio has expanded and adapted to the changes of the industry. We understand the challenges in managing condensation across the multiple components that comprise the flow path. In addition, we address and continue to develop components compatible with the corrosive chemicals used in our industry. Whether the application requires exceptional flow tuning and calibration, delivering precise volumes of a precursor in each manufacturing cycle, repeatable performance under high temperature applications, our products meet the requirements.

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