CMP Equipment Upgrades
The Entrepix Polish Head Motor Driver Combo is a field-proven direct replacement for the NSK motors and drivers for the Applied Materials Mirra polishing platform.  

Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) parts, polisher replacement parts, and more. Entrepix-engineered upgrades.
CMP Replacement Parts
CMP parts, polisher replacement parts, and more. Mitigate obsolescence with our sustainable supply of new parts and Entrepix-engineered upgrades. Our Shopify page helps you identify the parts you need.  

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Your Home Base for Semiconductor Equipment
Looking for used or refurbished semiconductor equipment or semiconductor equipment repair? Come to Entrepix for your semiconductor needs.

CMP Field Service
Entrepix offers field support to help you keep your CMP and metrology equipment functioning. Our extensive experience with CMP  equipment like AMAT Mirra polishers, IPEC 472 polishers, and Strasbaugh equipment enables us to provide knowledgeable insight, skilled repair, and thorough training.

CMP Foundry
Our team of engineers and technology experts are here to help you design and experiment with new technology and ideas. We provide CMP services to advance your technology, integrate new materials into known processes and more.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified with more than a million wafers processed to date.

Your CMP Foundry: Contract Manufacturing and Research & Development
The Entrepix foundry can process your overflow production, provide process engineering solutions and demonstrate equipment performance prior to sales and installation.

Entrepix’ Foundry is home to a variety of wafer production services and R&D that we perform on behalf of our clients. We are here as an extension of your team to assist in device fabrication, volume production, research new processes well as demonstrate and qualify new materials, equipment and consumables.

Engineering and Technology Development for CMP
Entrepix has a knowledgeable team of engineers and technology experts to help clients in CMP, cleaning, and distributed process flows. We work with all wafer diameters from coupons to 200mm, and help our clients:

Rapidly advance technology

Study cost reduction

Integrate new materials

Develop process improvements

Screen consumables

Assess cost and productivity

Achieve flexibility in design and processing methods

Volume Production
We can help build and produce wafers to your needs and specifications for complete outsourcing and as overflow capacity. As a top 10 IDM, we’ve processed more than one million wafers and are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We offer guaranteed cycle times and use quality systems like FMEAs, SPC, internal audits, and CARs.

In-House Processing Tool Sets
At Entrepix, we use the following processing tools to meet your success criteria:

Processing Tools Platforms
CMP AMAT Mirra: 150-200mm wafer processing
IPEC 472(2): Coupon-200mm
Post-CMP Cleans OnTrak DSS-200 Synergy: 100-200mm
OnTrak DSS-200 Series 2: 100-200mm
SRD: 75-200mm
In-House Metrology Equipment
At Entrepix, we use the following metrology tools to ensure uniformity:

Metrology Tools Platforms
Dielectric Film Thickness Thermawave Optiprobe 2600DUV
Mikropack UV/Vis/NIR Reflectometer
Conductive Film Thickness CDE ResMap 168 4-point probe
Substrate Thickness FSM 413-300
Surface Profilometer Dektak D8 (with ultralow force and 3D mapping)
Tencor P2
Precision Analytical Balance Mettler-Toledo, A and D, Sartorius
Defect Inspection KLA-Tencor SP1 TBI (200mm)
AMAT Orbot WF-736DUO
Defect Review Leica optical review (built into AMAT platforms)
Optical Microscopes Nikon Optiphot
Zeiss Ergoplan (with Nomarski DIC)
Leica stereozoom
Miscellaneous Various analytical and characterization equipment
Also Available (third party) SEM, AFM, TXRF, and other techniques (additional cost)
Materials We Polish




Barrier metals (Ta, Co, Ru)

Shallow trench


Low k dielectrics

Capped ultra low k

Metal gates

Gate insulators

High k dielectrics

Ir and Pt electrodes

Refractory metals



Si and SOI

GaAs and AIGaAs

InP and InGaP

Poly-AIN and GaN

CdTe and HGCdTe

Ge and SiGe

Lithium Niobate


Quartz, glass, and silica


Diamond and DLC


New Applications


Through Si Vias (TSV)

Direct wafer bond

3D packaging

Ultra thin wafers

Polymers and resists

CNT and nanodevices

NiFe and NiFeCo

Al and stainless steel

Detector arrays


Photonics and solar

LED and optics

Power devices

Analog and RF

FINFET structures