Boffotto (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 1993, is a R & D technology from the United States 30 years ion, engaged in system development and manufacture of ion etching cleaning company, and in expanding the use of plasma industry, to develop moreplasma applications. We are a comprehensive collection of board professional and technical personnel and culture of Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong company. In addition to the provision of plasma processing equipment, we also provide a full line of equipment for the production of FPC required more customers to provide free professional advice, such as plant layout, staff training, pre-production process counseling. If you already have a soft board production experience, our products must you consider series. If your company is ready to enter the ranks of the soft-board production, the full range of services we will be able to help you lift the plant worries, we successfully launched the production of soft board ranks. In order to comply with the vigorous development of China's electronics industry, we have set up production bases in China and set up a pet and professional customer service team to service the majority of Chinese customers. Recently, we extend the services to the semiconductor packaging, photovoltaic electromagnetic and LCD panel industry. To provide customers in line with the requirements of environmental protection, safety and wastewater needs of cleaning or etching solution.


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