1. Product

• Developed and supplied Diffusion furnace equipment for semiconductor, LED, and solar wafer process
• Equipment : Diffusion Furnace, RTP, Bake Oven, Firing Furnace, Dryer
2. Refurbish

• Semiconductor, LED wafer process used equipment in the best condition to refurbish and supply.
• Equipment : Diffusion Furnace, RTP, CVD
3. Spare Parts

• Manufactures and supplies spare parts for semiconductor and LED production equipment
• Overhaul & repair for valve and all kinds of parts
• The spare parts of all process equipment at an affordable price

High Temperature Horizontal Furnace
High Temperature R&D Furnace
High Temperature & LP-CVD Vertical Furnace
High Temperature Vertical Furnace (450mm)
High Temperature RTP System
Bake Oven System