Corporation of special technological equipment "V3" was created as a holding and management company, which consolidates the production and scientific-technical potential of the five enterprises, specializing in depelopment and manufacture of equipment for radio-electronic equipment, finished metal products, medical instruments. All products are manufactured by the company has a trademark "V3".

During the work of enterprises co-workers developed, manufactured and introduced thousands units of equipment and ware of various types. Enterprises has their a own production facilities and highly-qualified staff with extensive experience in the development and production of special technological equipment. "Trade center NIITOP" is enterprize-manufacturer of special technological equipment.

The company is certified according to the quality management system of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008). All equipment has a documents proving it's quality meets the requirements of safety and have certificates of conformity.

The main areas of activity:

development and production of technical-chemical technology: electroplating, photochemistry, chemical preparation, work related to the environmental protection of technological processes, including recovery of precious and non-ferrous metals
development and production of equipment for the automated severance of plates p/n materials, including optoelectronic materials, dielectric materials (ceramics, glass ceramics, sapphire, glass, tellurite bismuth, titanium nitride, silicon carbide, etc.)
development and production of a wide range of equipment for the chipping unit
development and production of equipment for surface mount components on the printed circuit board
development and production of automated equipment for ultrasonic welding of p/n devices
production of water preparation plants
production of finished metal products
development and production of unpackaged cut-off wheels
development and production of medical instruments


Wet bench

All wet benches are made according to specific customer requirements and can be customized for virtually any process:

Electrolytic or electroless metal plating (Au, Cu, Ni, etc.)
And many more...
Robust basic frame of wet bench is welded of polypropylene (PP, PPs) to achieve good chemical resistance with most chemicals.


Fume hood

Fume hood have an all seam welded polypropylene construction. It is designed to work with highly corrosive chemicals, such as nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, etc. All harmful gases and vapours are collected by multi-zone suction board located on the backside.

Standard features:

All seam welded robust polypropylene construction
Sealed interior lightning
Counterbalanced transparent sliding door
Ventilated compartment for chemicals storing
Splash-proof sockets for electrical equipment connection

Chemical distribution system

Chemical distribution system is designed to deliver high purity chemicals to wet benches or any other equipment. It can contain filtration units to filter chemicals before they are supplied. Systems are designed individually to fulfill all customer requirements.

Wide range of processing materials
 Saturn dicing saw is designed for high precision dicing and scribing of a wide range of materials:

Ceramic substrates
Silicon wafers
Lithium Niobate
Glass and many more.

High quality dicing is provided by a rigid frame structure, precisely balanced air bearing spindle shaft and smooth feeding of workpiece. 


·           High precision air bearing spindle for good cut quality and minimal chipping
·           Off-chuck optical blade measuring sensor
·           Best suited for small lot production, Universities an R&D
·           Simple user interface enables fast program entry
·           Air bearing X axis ensures smooth feeding of workpiece





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