About Wafer Process Systems
Wafer Process Systems Inc.  is a wet bench manufacturer which was established in March of 1983 by current President and CEO Douglas H. Caldwell. The company was created out of the necessity to satisfy the industry needs for reputable in field service on wet benches and general wet process equipment support. The company originated mainly as a service and support organization for local Silicon Valley customers. As its customer base grew and their need for wet bench service, wet bench modifications driven by process changes as well as new wet bench requirements, Wafer Process Systems Inc. established a full time in house engineering and manufacturing team to support these needs.

Mr. Caldwell started the company after a four year tenure with Semifab Inc. where he was responsible for customer service and equipment support for North America. His responsibilities involved equipment installations, startups, maintenance and in field modifications. At that time Semifab Inc. was one of the industry’s largest manufacturer of wet chemical process equipment and laminar flow hoods for the semiconductor and biomedical industries. Prior to working at Semifab Inc. Mr. Caldwell worked for Microair, Inc. for a period of four years where his responsibilities ranged from manufacturing to final test and quality assurance. The exodus of Microair’s engineering manager and sales manager, who left to start Semifab Inc. was the driving force which lead Mr. Caldwell to join Semifab Inc.

After six months of operation Mr. Caldwell was joined by Mr. Christopher J. Schmitz who assumed the position of VP of Engineering. Prior to Mr. Schmitz joining Wafer Process Systems Inc. he too worked for Semifab Inc. in their engineering department for a period of three years where he was responsible for design and generating documentation for manufacturing. Prior to his tenure with Semifab Inc. he had been employed by Santa Clara Plastics Inc., currently known as SCP Global, for a period of three years in the engineering department where his responsibilities were generating production drawings used in the manufacturing of Wet Chemical Process Equipment.

Wafer Process Systems Management Team
President & CEO
Douglas H. Caldwell

Vice President, Engineering
Christopher J. Schmitz

Customer Service Manager
Stuart H. Lebherz

CFO & Vice President, Administration
Barbara C. Caldwell


Our Business
Wafer Process Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of manual,  semi-automated and fully-automated dry In / dry out wet benches and wet chemical process equipment used in the manufacturing of microelectronic devices, MEMS devices, computer disc drive media and slider assemblies, flat panel displays and photovoltaic products. Process applications include Surface Pre Cleans for Oxide and Metal Deposition (SC1 and SC2), Oxide Resist Strip (H2SO4/H202), Metal Resist Strip (Organic Solvent Chemistries), Metal Etch (Au, Cu, CR, Al), Nitride Strip, Buffered Oxide Etch, Electroless Chemical Deposition and Electrochemical Deposition and Conveyorized Spray Etch systems. All Equipment designs are compatible for use in a Class 10 Clean Room Environment.

In addition to Wafer Process Systems Inc. being a wet bench manufacturer we also manufacturer:

A complete line of Wet Chemical Process Equipment used for parts cleaning in off line processes such as Quartz Tube and Quartz Cassette Cleaning (CVD Tube and Cassette Cleaning), Bell Jar Cleaning and Track Equipment Resist removal.
Raw material substrate cleaning equipment for Post Saw Adhesive Removal and Cleaning, Post Lapping and Post Polishing Clean, Aqueous Parts Cleaning for Optics and Orthopedic Parts.
Precision IPA Aerosol Drying System using the patented LDT process. The LDT Drying System can be provided as a standalone, modular drop in or as part of an automated dry in/dry out wet process system.
We also perform:

Contract manufacturing services for customers critical parts including PFA Teflon fabrication and welding of tanks and reservoirs and fabrication of equipment weldments.
In field modifications to existing equipment to accommodate process changes and/or upgrades for our customers eliminating the costly facility expenses associated with the removal of existing equipment and installation of new equipment.
Wafer Process Systems Inc. also stocks a complete inventory of spare parts including standalone controllers and sensors which can be cross referenced to competitor’s parts for second sourcing replacements.
If the Original Equipment Manufacturer you have purchase your equipment from is now out of business, Wafer Process Systems Inc. can provide the complete support you need to keep your equipment safely functioning for years to come.


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