BMT's power products and solutions are more compact, more economical, and safer through the application of patented devices and components.
BMT's power products, which have been verified in accordance with strict standards such as IEC, UL, CAN, and KEMC, are trusted by customers. The energy management systems of BMT, such as BEMS, FEMS, and ADR System, etc., are customized to provide optimized value.

Representative products and solutions

Metal Clad Switchgear

Distribution Boards

Compact Switchboards

Smart Distribution Boards

Motor Control Center

Energy Management System(FEMS/BEMS, etc.)
Devices and components
BMT has provided the devices and components such as standardized/modularized/standardized molded case power distributor (MCPD), the world’s first molded case busbar system (MCBS), smart module for power measurement and power status analysis (Smart-Eye), etc., based on its own patented technologies.
Representative devices and components: MCPD / MCBS / Smart-Eye / Gateway