Since its establishment in October of 1983, Wonik Quartz has specialized in the manufacture and supply of quartz wares that are required in the production of semiconductor IC’s as well as products used in the production of semiconductors, LCD, LED, and SOLARCELL industries..
Wonik Quartz develops and possesses world-class technology and is a leading edge supplier of quartz wares. Wonik Quartz has supplied its products to global semiconductor device manufacturers and equipment manufacturers both at home and abroad.
In addition, Wonik has raised its status as a global supplier through the operation of production facilities in the United States, Taiwan and Germany. This globalization resulted in the ability to provide faster dedicated services to our worldwide customer base.
Wonik Quartz continues to develop various technologies including, machining, welding and assembly technology. Wonik Quartz is dedicated to the advancement of its precision cleaning technology for quartz wares through the application of innovative technical processes that reduce particles and contamination over the lifetime of semiconductor components. WONIK Quartz has a primary goal of reducing particle and contaminant issues resulting from in-process environmental changes such as plasma density and etching gasses which are used to process wafers in semiconductor manufacturing chambers.

Fine ceramics refers to the ceramics manufactured from the man-made raw materials and strictly-select materials using the molding technique and plasticity technology that enable the control of the precisely composed array of chemical composition. Fine ceramics has enhanced functions compared to conventional ceramics and provides new functions, and therefore has new applications. Fine ceramics, one of the high-tech inorganic materials, has been thrust into the limelight amid the growing demand for high-performance industrial materials and new types of materials that provide diverse functions in the wake of the fast advancement of automotive, steel, and electronic industries.

Excimer EUV Lamps which are irradiated by WONIK_ BUSINESS SERVICE 18 19 172㎚ UV are used in various industries such as semiconductor processing, display, environmental technology and surface improvement of various plastics and metal materials. This division of WONIK is in the initial stages of domestic production of these lamps working in collaboration with such enterprises as Samsung, LGD, LG, and the Korean Electronics Technology Institute. The Lamp Division has also started to supply these products to the markets of both Taiwan and China.
Currently, Wonik is researching new applications requiring the use of Excimer EUV Lamps and plans to develop its Lamp division into an expanding leading enterprise for the manufacturing of lamps.

The WONIK Cleaning Division was established in March 2011 to provide customers with global control through precision washing of super precision quartz wares used in equipment for diffusion and LPCVD (thin film vapor deposition) processes in the semiconductor manufacturing process.
The objective of precision washing is as follows quartz wares. These quartz wares are used in equipment for
First, to stabilize the conditions of semiconductor manufacturing processes
Second, to improve the production yield through the increase of process efficiency
Third, to save unit cost through lifetime extension of quartz parts
The Cleaning Division of Wonik Quartz has a primary vision of becoming through extending the life of Quartz parts a global leader in the precision cleaning and washing area for semiconductor parts. This goal will be attained through customer-oriented quality management and by providing customers with product credibility and the synergetic effect of part management. In addition we continuously strive to be recognized in the global market as a super enterprise that can respond to the flow of the world economy through the expansion of our precision cleaning and washing processes to the Solar/LED fields. This achievement will create a new growth engine of businesses for WONIK.