In the semiconductor industry, gold and electroless nickel plating are applied to reflector rings, reflector arrays and top chucks. Gold is used because of its reflectivity, conductivity and heat dissipation qualities. Electroless nickel is valued for its evenness and chemical resistance.

  Unique Plating Technology for Microelectronics
Base Station    For Use in 3G Mobile Phones, Bluetooth Devices, Radio Frequency Packages and Wireless Components.
Unique Plating Technology Specifications
Size:    4"(Square Wafers)
Substrate    Ceramic
Metallization:    Ti-Cu + EN / Cu (To prevent electromagnetics and corrosion)
Sputtering Thickness:    Ti: 10µm, Cu: 50µm
Thickness:    3.5 - 100µm
Technical Challenges
Seed Layer + EN
Layer 1: Sputtered Ti (PVD)
Layer 2: Sputtered Cu (PVD)
Layer 3: Electroless Ni
Adhesion on Molding compound    Seed Layer + Cu
Sputtering of Titanium Oxide
Copper Patterning
Copper Pillars with Roundness via Hole Filling
LED Bulb
Unique Combination of PVD and Chmeical Plating Technique    TiCu Diagram
Patterning on LTCC Ceramics    TiCu Diagram
Via Hole Filling
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  Under Bump Metalisation (UBM)
UBM    For Connecting a Semiconductor Device to the Packaging Substrate.
Size:    4", 6", 8" (Round Wafer)
Substrate:    Ceramic, Al-Si
Metallization:    Ti, Cu, Ni, Au, Ag, Cr
Technical Challenges
To Provide Excellent Adhesion to Variety of Wafers.    Metal Diffusion Prevention.
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  Plating Technology for Wafers
LED Bulb    Used in LEDs and Semiconductor Wafers in 3G handphones.
Size:    3", 4", 6", 8" (Round Wafer)
4" (Square Wafer)
Substrate:    Ceramic, Al-Si
Metallization:    Au, Black Ni, Au-Sn, Au-Ni, Si, Cu
Thickness:    0.1 - 100µm
Technical Challenges
Encapsulation Plating on SAW Devices
Copper / Black Nickel Multilayer Plating on (CSSP SAW) Filters Challenges
Encapsulate over the Package, Protecting Against Humidity, Electromagnetic Induction and oxidation.
Intensity of Black is Required as A Detector in Laser Marking.    Cu Plating on SAW Devices
Copper Plating on SAW Filters
Even Thickness Distribution    Au-Sn Alloy Plating On Wafer
Limited Chemical Life Span, Color and Composition uniformity    Wafer Au Plating
Adhesion on Si/Al Alloy Materials, Surface Roughness
Improvement on Roughness and Adhesion using PVD and Electroplating.
LED Bulb
3 Layer Plating on Surface of SAW Device    LED Bulb
Copper Plating on SAW Filter    LED Bulb
Low Melting Point(280°C – 300°C)    LED Bulb
Good Surface Roughness of Ra = <0.05µm
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  Plating Technology for RF Packages
Base Station    RF Packages in Satellites, Base Stations and Other Communication Devices
Substrate:    Ceramic, Cu-Mo, Cu, Cu-W
Metallization:    Ni-Co / Au
Thickness:    1.5 - 3.5µm
Technical Challenges
LED Bulb
Chip is directly connected to the base    Plate uniform Au (Ni±0.9μm Au±0.23μm)on 2 different thickness parts which separated by Ceramic.
Selective Lids Plating on New Models of Holy Lids and Ceramics
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