We now built our original system utilizing our technological and advanced information to provide repair service along with comprehensive support to the customers with various needs such as renewing detoxification tower and quartz, power supply,monitor, AC monitor, sequencer and pump repairs.


We also have been aggressively approaching the new products including electric parts, nanopowder products, metal and resin finish goods, environmental and energy-saving goods and urethane foam processing machine to meet the market needs.


To continue our global business, following the establishment of Toriko USA we had opened Torico China in Shanghai. These networks will be the key part our operation of a trade, repair service and new technology development hubs.


For internal operation we received ECO STAGE certification and continue more eco-minded office management, corporate governance and compliance.


TORICO's mission is to serve customers and local communities with global environmental mind. We, TORICO's all employees are united to support needs from customers. We are thankful your continuing support to us and we are greatly appreciate your further opportunities.


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