SuSET established in 2021, is specialized in producing langasite(LGS, LGT, LGN, family crystals and lithium tantalate(LN) optical crystals. Its people are well experienced in crystal growth and nanomateirals fields. 

SuSET crystals, wafers and elements can be used for producing direct piezoelectric effect sensors, such as accelerometer, They are used in aicraft turbine control systems, vehicle internal combustion engines, gas generators, vibration monitoring systems, and in other fields of application where the measurement of physical quantities at high temperatures (above 500 ° C) is required. SuSET produces sensitive elements of piezoelectric crystals capable to operate at temperatures up to 900°С(LGT). 

SuSET can also provide optical and SAW grade lithium niobate(or Mg, Fe doped) with a larger diameter crystal of 6"φ (150mm) and 8"φ (200mm) with high quality. These crystals are commonly used as the material for SAW filter which uses Surface Acoustic Wave and the substrate material for porduce lithium niobate thin films (TFLN/LNOI)  which used in FABR, XBAR or integrated modulators.



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