A partnership formed between Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD), Chicony Power Technology of Taiwan, and Cambridge University Technical Services (CUTS) is poised to revolutionize the global landscape for next-generation power products. This collaboration will focus on developing advanced, efficient, high power-density adapters and data center power products utilizing GaN technology.

Chicony Power is a prominent provider of power electronics systems, specializing in supplies and adapters for various applications such as notebooks, desktop computers, gaming devices, and server/cloud solutions. Meanwhile, CUTS, a subsidiary of Cambridge Enterprise, is set to contribute its expertise in power devices and sensors through its High Voltage Microelectronics and Sensors (HVMS) group, led by Professor Florin Udrea, who also serves as CGD’s chief technology officer.

The technical project titled ‘Innovative low power and high power SMPS (switch mode power supplies) with advanced GaN solutions’ will be the focal point of this collaboration. With CGD's existing ties to Cambridge University and its executive leadership, including Professor Florin Udrea and CGD’s chief executive Giorgia Longobardi, this unprecedented partnership aims to deliver SMPS prototypes for highly efficient, high-density adapters for notebooks, as well as power supply units for data centers and AI server applications.

Giorgia Longobardi expressed the significance of the collaboration, highlighting the accelerated development and adoption of high-energy-density power solutions across various applications. Peter Tseng, President of Chicony Power, emphasized the decision to join forces with CGD and HVMS due to their extensive expertise in GaN technology, specifically praising CGD's ICeGaN™ HEMT devices for their exceptional performance and reliability.

CGD’s recent launch of the second series of its ICeGaN™ 650 V gallium nitride HEMT family, known as the H2 Series, introduces advancements such as improved overvoltage robustness, noise-immune threshold, dV/dt suppression, ESD protection, and reduced switching losses, in addition to simple operability and reduced size and weight.

This collaboration stands as a notable milestone in the quest to deliver efficient power device technology to customers and society at large, powered by the combined strengths of CGD, Chicony Power, and the esteemed HVMS group at Cambridge University.