Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai Precision, recently announced a partnership with HCL Group to establish a semiconductor packaging and testing venture in India. This joint venture, valued at $37.2 million, will see Foxconn's Hon Hai Technology India Mega Development unit holding a 40% stake. The collaboration aims to create an ecosystem and reinforce supply chain resilience for the domestic industry. Foxconn plans to utilize its build-operate-localize (BOL) model to support local communities in the region.

HCL Foxconn

This move signifies Foxconn's strategic diversification and expansion into new markets, particularly within India's evolving semiconductor ecosystem. As a leading manufacturer of iPhones in India, with responsibility for 68% of production, Foxconn's investment in the Indian semiconductor market aligns with its efforts to establish a stronger foothold in the global chip market.

The partnership with HCL Group allows Foxconn to navigate a more attainable entry into the Indian semiconductor industry following its withdrawal from a previous semiconductor fabrication joint venture with Vedanta Group. Foxconn's interest in India's burgeoning semiconductor market, coupled with HCL Group's semiconductor expertise and government support, presents an opportunity for both parties to capitalize on India's growing domestic chip ecosystem and leverage its large consumer base. This collaboration signals a significant stride for India's semiconductor industry and aligns with the country's efforts to strengthen its domestic chip ecosystem through various government incentives.