Infineon, a German semiconductor manufacturer, has acquired Imagimob, a small Swedish software company specializing in AI tools. The financial details of the transaction remain undisclosed.

Imagimob's expertise lies in developing software for small control circuits used in AI applications, particularly in the field of Tiny Machine Learning. Their development tools have been praised for their capabilities, and the acquisition by Infineon serves as validation of their success. Infineon aims to significantly enhance its offering in this area through the acquisition.

Anders Hardebring, co-founder and CEO of Imagimob, stated that the company will become an integrated part of Infineon's ecosystem, benefitting from their extensive product portfolio and deep expertise in applications.

Infineon, with over 56,000 employees, is a prominent manufacturer of semiconductors focused on areas such as power and IoT. In the 2022 financial year, the company generated revenues of approximately 14.2 billion euros.

Imagimob, headquartered in Stockholm, has a small team of around a dozen employees. Their code is utilized in various products, including a fall-detecting wristwatch, gesture-controlled headphones, and a smart warning vest for drivers that illuminates when they exit their vehicle.

Imagimob's software development environment, combined with their consulting and advisory services, caters to customers in industries such as automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, and lifestyle.