Teltonika technology company intends to build a semiconductor manufacturing plant in Lithuania. It is expected that it will be created with the support of Taiwanese colleagues and will use Taiwanese technologies, and will start working as early as 2027. Lithuanian authorities have announced the country's intention to become a major player in the semiconductor market.

Taiwan promised Lithuania to help withstand Chinese economic pressure, which began after Lithuania allowed Taiwan to open an embassy in Vilnius in November 2021.

According to Teltonika, the decision to start production in 2027 is part of a plan to partner with Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), a project valued at 14 million euros, including a 10 million grant from the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The possibility of Taiwan's cooperation with the countries of Eastern Europe, including Lithuania, in the production of microchips was discussed at the end of 2021.

The Teltonika company group is planning to invest 2.85 billion euros in the semiconductor industry.

  1. Semiconductor chip development laboratories, Vilnius, Lithuania. Project duration: 2024–2026. Project value: €100 million. Number of jobs created: 200.
  2. Semiconductor assembly and testing facility, Vilnius, Lithuania. Project duration: 2026–2028. Project value: €450 million. Number of jobs created: 500.
  3. Semiconductor fabrication plant, Vilnius, Lithuania. Project duration: 2028–2031. Project value: €2,1 billion. Number of jobs created: 1 500.