Tesla has placed an order for 4nm chips with Taiwanese chip maker TSMC, confirming a four-month-old rumor that Tesla had chosen between Samsung and TSMC in favor of the latter company, according to the latest data. The chips will be used in Tesla's autonomous driving systems in the future.

TSMC va produire des puces 4 nm pour Tesla dans son usine de l'Arizona

With the deal between TSMC and Tesla already in place, the American electric car maker has become TSMC's seventh largest customer. According to reports, the Taiwanese manufacturer's plant in Arizona will mass-produce 4nm semiconductors in 2024. The company has already completed construction last year and has hired about 250 Americans to work.

Chips from the plant in Arizona will be bought not only by Tesla, but also by Apple. According to the head of the latter, Tim Cook, the company plans to purchase 3nm semiconductors, the production of which will also begin in 2024. Earlier this month, TSMC chairman Mark Liu said the new US plant will generate $10 billion in revenue annually once production begins.

Industry experts believe that such a decision promises big trouble for Samsung. At a minimum, this will negatively affect the company's revenues in the next couple of years. It was recently reported that it lagged behind TSMC in the global contract manufacturing market as early as the third quarter of 2022, compared to the fourth quarter of 2021, the gap increased markedly.

On the other hand, according to some reports, Tesla has chosen Samsung as the camera supplier for the Vision autonomous driving system. According to the Sammobile portal, there are rumors that Tesla will use Samsung cameras in Cybertruck pickups that have not yet gone on sale, as well as other electric vehicles, although the information has not yet received official confirmation.