According to Fortune magazine, TSMC's plan to build factories in Arizona is a significant step towards expanding its presence in the US market. TSMC's investment in Arizona is expected to create a significant number of well-paying jobs and contribute to the US economy's growth.

However, Fortune also acknowledged that TSMC may struggle to find American employees willing to work in the company's "shockingly rigid" corporate culture. The company's work culture, which includes mandates for weekend work and 12-hour shifts, may not be very appealing to Americans who are used to a more relaxed work environment.

This is reflected in the survey conducted on Glassdoor, where only 27% of TSMC employees surveyed are willing to recommend the company as a place to work compared with 85% for Intel Corporation. Fortune noted that TSMC's corporate culture can be demanding, and it may not suit everyone.

Despite these challenges, TSMC is committed to hiring local employees for its factories in Arizona. The company has already hired 2,000 employees, including 600 engineers, for American factories, and plans to train them through months-long internships in Taiwan.

To address the issue of a rigid corporate culture, TSMC has acknowledged the need to create a more familiar working environment for American employees while maintaining the high level of discipline that the company is known for. TSMC's management has also recognized the need to compensate for the higher cost of manufacturing in the US, which is estimated to be at least one and a half to two times more than in Taiwan.

In conclusion, TSMC's plan to build factories in Arizona is an important step towards expanding the company's global operations and meeting the growing demand for semiconductors. While the company faces some challenges, TSMC's commitment to hiring local employees and creating a more familiar working environment shows that it is willing to adapt to meet the needs of American workers.

TSMC Chairman Mark Liu, in response to Fortune's publication, only stated: enthusiasm and passion for work .