Beneq Transform 300 is a highly versatile manufacturing platform intended for IDMs and foundries dedicated to CIS, Power, Micro-OLED/LED, Advanced Packaging and other MtM applications. It is a highly configurable solution that caters to multiple advanced thin-film applications ranging from gate dielectric to passivation and/or encapsulation and beyond.


Maximum flexbility and capability. The Beneq Transform® 300 is the only 300mm ALD cluster tool offering both Thermal ALD (batch) and Plasma ALD (single wafer) technologies. 


Find the right set up for you. The Transform® 300 platform is designed to meet a wide range of capacity and applications requirements including advanced packaging, chip scale package and wafer-on-tape applications. 

Transform 300


The top tier of industry standards. This tool includes best-in-class serviceability and the shortest MTTCR available. With our proprietary pre-heating module, enjoy some of the highest throughput for thermal batch ALD. 


Beneq Transform® 300 is cleanroom compatible with SECS/GEM communication capabilities and is compliant with the highest SEM IS2 and S8 standards.