AIXTRON SE, a leading supplier of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry, is excited to announce the launch of their latest cluster solution, the G10-GaN, for GaN-based power and radio frequency (RF) devices. This new platform is currently being presented at SEMICON Taiwan in Taipei, from September 6-8, 2023.

The G10-GaN introduces a range of innovative features and sets a new standard in performance, design, and cost efficiency. AIXTRON is proud to have qualified the G10-GaN platform for volume production of GaN power devices with a leading US device manufacturer. With twice the productivity per cleanroom area compared to their previous product, the G10-GaN enables enhanced material uniformity, offering customers new levels of competitiveness.

Dr. Felix Grawert, CEO and President of AIXTRON SE, emphasizes the significance of GaN-based technologies in reducing global CO2 emissions. GaN power devices provide a much more efficient power conversion than conventional silicon (Si), reducing losses by a factor of two to three. AIXTRON sees continuous growth in this market as GaN has already displaced silicon in fast chargers for mobile devices, with increasing demand in data centers and solar applications.

AIXTRON has been at the forefront of GaN on Si process and hardware development for over 20 years. Their AIX G5+ C planetary reactor, the first fully automated GaN MOCVD system, has become the industry standard for GaN power. Building on this success, the G10-GaN cluster solution extends each performance metric while maintaining the core fundamentals.

The G10-GaN is packed in a new, compact layout optimized for minimal cleanroom space. It features novel reactor inlets that improve material uniformity by a factor of two, ensuring optimum device yields. The system includes on-board sensors, a new software suite, and fingerprint solutions to consistently deliver the same performance run after run, extending equipment uptime by over 5 percent compared to the previous generation.

Equipped with up to three process modules, the G10-GaN cluster solution can handle a record capacity of 15x200 mm wafers, thanks to Planetary batch reactor technology. This enables a remarkable 25 percent cost reduction per wafer compared to previous products.